1) If I file a discrimination report will my parents find out or other people at school find out?

By law, the person who receives your complaint must keep it confidential as appropriate, let him/her know that you are aware of this, and ask if it can be kept confidential. Some school administrators may want to automatically report the incident to the students’ parents - so make sure you ask.

2) Can I file a report anonymously?

If you are still afraid your parents will find out or other persons, you can file an anonymous report to the superintendent’s office. An anonymous report is not as powerful as one that identifies reporters and witnesses, but it is a good way for your school to know that there is harassment going on.

3) If I make a report will I have to confront the person I am filing against?

No - you shouldn't have to, let the administrator know that you are uncomfortable with this. Also, if the person you are filing a complaint against somehow finds out and wants to retaliate you can insist that the school takes active role to ensure your safety.

4) How do I report a teacher?

Teachers can be reported, just because he/she is your teacher that doesn't give him/her the right to discriminate against you. To report a teacher, follow the same process as you would with reporting a student.

5) What will happen if I report a teacher?

If you report a teacher, you shouldn't have to worry about him/her treating you differently in class. By law, schools need to provide a safe place for all students to learn and teachers are not allowed to retaliate. If you feel a teacher is treating you differently let your school administrators know - they should take action.