For many years, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students have been discriminated against in school and elsewhere, and for many years they have fought to be treated equally and with respect. On October 2, 1999, Governor Gray Davis signed new law AB 537.

This California State law protects students against any type of harassment, which includes being harassed based on "actual or perceived sexual orientation". If you are in a California State public school that receives state funding, then this law is part of your school's mandate.

Remember that this law protects you from discrimination from other students, teachers, and staff. Also, you should know that acts of violence and/or threats of violence are illegal and should be reported to police once you are safe from an immediate threat.

All schools should be a safe place for everyone to learn. The AB537 law will help us achieve safer school environments. We must all help to make the law work by speaking out when we witness acts of discrimination against LGBT youth.