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Think back, and make sure you write everything that you can remember. Here are some questions to ask yourself when writing the incident down on paper...


- What happened?
- Who was involved? (Include EVERYONE)
- Where and When did it happen?
- Were there any witnesses? What are their names?
- Was there any faculty or staff around?
Who were they, and how did they respond?

ask them to come with you when you report the incident. You can also have them write a short message of what they saw, and take that with you.

that includes answers to all the questions listed above, ask a teacher or an administrator to help you with the reporting process. The teacher or administrator should look over the report with you, and should help you set up an appointment to meet with the designated reporting person at your school.

Don’t forget to make extra copies of the report and one to keep one for yourself.

remind him/her that you know you are protected under the Law AB537. Don’t be afraid to ask what action he/she will take and when it will be taken.

Remember that this not your there is no reason why they should remove you from your class or from your school. Make sure you make that clear.

Don’t forget to follow up with your reporting person. Ask the teacher or administrator who helped you report, to also help you with the follow up process. Together, you can ask for the status of your report.

and the harassment is still going on, make sure the report administrator knows it! Let him/her know that further action needs to be taken, or you will take the matter to the district level and/or seek legal help! This should take care of the problem.